Troforte M Native Plants 20kg Fertiliser Langley Sunpalm Low Phosphorus


14%N - 1%P - 4%K +TE + Microbes + Minerals

A granular controlled release fertiliser specifically for Native Australian plants, which require less phosphorus.

Contains a biologically coated engineered mineral base incorporating over 60 minerals and a scientifically balanced blend of 24 to 30 strains of well researched and trialed Australian cultured beneficial soil microbes. These include bacteria, fungai and algae to carry out a wide range of biological activities within the soil such as Nitrogen fixing, nutrient building, producing growth hormones, decomposing organic matter to organic carbon, protecting beneficial bacteria by releasing antibiotics that can assist in inhibiting disease as well as conditioning of soils by improving soil structure. Lasts 6 months.


14%N - 1%P - 4%K +TE + Microbes + Minerals  


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Native Australian Plants

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