Seaweed Plant Food 600mL Multicrop Triple Strength


Contains over 60 minerals, trace elements and growth factors.

  • Highest Quality Concentrated Seaweed extract.
  • Scientifically proven results.
  • Combines Seaweed extract and balanced Fertiliser in one product.
  • Safe to use on all plants
One bottle makes up to 600 litres of feed! 
General Use:

1mL of Maxicrop Triple to 1L of water

(1 capful per 9L of water).

Maxicrop Triple Strength Seaweed + Fertiliser is a highly concentrated blend of seaweed extract, major nutrients, and trace elements in one product. It is absorbed through the plant foliage or roots. Promotes strong healthy root development and foliage growth whilst improving flower and fruiting.
Product Benefits:
  • Enhances strong healthy root development to establish all plants faster.
  • Promotes strong growth and improves fruiting and flowering.
  • Helps increase nutritional value for better flavour and longer shelflife.
  • Better resistance to stress and climatic conditions, insect and fungal attack.


Data sheet

Soil Conditioner
Native Australian Plants
All Purpose
Soil Conditioner
Organic Non-certified
Soil Conditioner

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