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Liquid Blood and Bone 500mL David Grays Garden Trees


Nitrogen (N) 5%
Total Phosphorus (P) 0.9%
Total Potassium(K) 1.1%

For lawns, all indoor and outdoor plants, vegetables, Australian natives, flowers and shrubs.

Directions for use:

Flowers, Roses, Herbs, Vegetables and Natives    100ml in 15L of water: Water or spray foliage every 10-14 days to point of run off every 10-14 days.
Seedlings          30ml in 15L of water: Apply every 3 weeks.
Fruit trees                50ml in 10 L of water: Spray foliage fortnightly from blossom until 2 weeks before harvest
Indoor plants, Ferns              25ml in 15L of water:  Apply fortnightly
Lawns                   100ml in 15L of water over 6 m2. Every 3 months
Orchids                     100mL per 15L of water: Spray foliage and potting substrate  every 3 weeks








Liquid BB 500

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