Grosorb Granular-10L


Grosorb assists the plant’s root development by an even distribution of water to all areas of the plants container, or when applied to garden beds and lawns, eliminates ‘run-off’ allowing water to soak through the soil. Grosorb also assists the effective use of fertiliser by channelling the nutrients directly into the root zone.

Application Rates

Grosorb should be applied at a rate of 40g per per sq/m annually preferably in 2-3 applications per year during the growing season. Suitable for all soil types and can be used in containers, garden beds and lawns. Also used on Commercial lawns, sports ovals, Turf farms and Local Authorities. Apply evenly to the surface, lightly work into the top soil. For pot plants and hanging baskets apply Grosorb at the rate of 1 tspn for every 75mm diameter width of pot or hanging basket.

This is a granular wetting agent, designed to allow the movement and retention of water through the soil.

Grosorb is an environmentally friendly, organically based, soil wetter for use in pots, hanging baskets, gardens and lawns.

Suitable and cost effective for use in commercial nurseries, golf and bowling clubs, all grassed areas and domestic gardens.

Safe and easy to apply, it eliminates the messy application of a liquid wetting agent.

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