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Generation Blue Rodenticide Blocks 7.5kg De Sangosse Rat & Mice Control Pest Difethialone


Active substance: 0.025% Difethialone;

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Generation Blocks is an innovative rodenticide manufactured by De Sangosse, the manufacturer of Bromakil. 

Block baits deliver superior control over a wide range of mice and rat species. Designed using highly palatable whole grains, the product eliminates unwanted intruders due to a powerful active substance. Difethialone suppresses the development of a vital protein produced by rodents' liver, inducing blood vessel damage and leading to their extinction. Part of the second generation of anticoagulants, that constituent provides a higher level of persistence and toxicity. In order to assure safe use in different indoor environments, Difethialone is used in a 0.025% concentration completed by solid block design. Allowing a higher level of acceptance, Generation Block integrates multiple edges irresistible for rodents to devour.

- Active substance: 0.025% Difethialone;
- Colour: Blue;
- Effective professional product;
- Ready-to-use formulation;
- Superior results against a wide range of mice and rat species;
- Single feed anticoagulant active constituent;
- Eliminates intruders by ingestion;
- Compatible with bait stations;
- Highly palatable bait matrix containing whole grains;
- Solid, long-lasting block design;
- Long-lasting effects in high moisture environments;

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