Fast Action Weed Kill 1L Concentrate Glyphosate Butafenacil Brunnings Herbicide


Fast Action Weed Kill 1L Concentrate Glyphosate Butafenacil Brunnings Herbicide

Brunnings Fast Action Weed Kill shows visible results in 24 hours. It is suitable for paths, driveways, garden beds, lawn edges and rockeries. The Fast Action formulation kills all weeds it contacts but is non-residual enabling plants to be grown in the treated area, normally within 14 days of treatment. This makes it ideal for garden beds. Glyphosate is not a selective weed killer, so caution should be used around other plants including lawns.

  • Visible results in 24 hours
  • Kills weeds and grasses, roots and all
  • Non-residual, non- selective, not active in the soil

Identical to Resolva® Weedkiller 24H, which has been developed to kill weeds faster, roots and all. Unlike other weedkillers that can take up to a week before you see any results, Fast Action Weed Kill provides visible results in 24 hours, so you know it is working. Quick visible results means less waste, you know the job is done and you don’t need to re-spray.

Fast Action Weed Kill is an extremely effective, easy and economical way to kill weeds and grasses in rockeries, garden beds, paths, driveways, along fence lines and lawn edges or before planting new lawns and gardens. And doing it quickly means more time to get on with enjoying your weekend.

Once the weeds are dead Resolva breaks down naturally, leaving no residues that could harm other plants in your garden.

The active ingredient Butafenacil (pronounced bute-a-fen-a-cil) contained in Fast Action Weed Kill provides the first herbicidal symptoms within 24 hours. Absorbed quickly into the weeds cells via the leaves and stem, Butafenacil moves through the weed quickly and demonstrates visibly the weed is dying.

Fast Action Weed Kill is the herbicide with a registered label claim of visible results in 24 hours, and roots and all weed kill, in ready-to-use and concentrate formulations.


Apply to ACTIVELY growing weeds. Spray all foliage uniformly until just wet.
1L concentrate will make 65L of spray. 1L spray will cover 40 m2.
Respray perennual weeds after 4 weeks if necessary.

DO NOT SPRAY if rain is likely within 6 hours.


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