Ezy-Wet Water Storing Crystals 700g Richgro Wetting Agent Soil Wetter Pot CRF

It also contains the All Purpose Controlled Release Fertiliser (CRF) for extended feeding.
Ezi-Wet Water Storage Crystals are very powerful "moisture retainers", they suck up and hold moisture in the soil and store water for plants to use for up to 3 weeks.
  • Waters plants for up to 3 weeks
  • Replenish themselves at each watering
  • Contains a 6 months feed controlled release fertiliser
  • Swell to many times their weight with the addition of water. 
  • Plants can then draw water from the crystals, using only the amount they require. 
  • Can hold enough water for 21 days supply. 
  • Watering becomes more effective and less frequent.

Established potted or garden plants:
Poke holes into potting mix or drip line to depth of the root zone. Pour a small amount of crystals into each hole. Water in thoroughly then top up with potting mix.

Apply 10g per sqm, lay turf and then water

Dry soils:
For dry and sandy areas, add 50g per sqm and rake it in.

Potted plants & hanging baskets:
Measure out desired of Easy Wetter Water Crystals and mix it with potting mix around the roots of the plant. Water thouroughly to expand. Rewater 2 hours later to ensure crystals are fully charged.

Pot sizeWater Crystals
25-30 cm1 teaspoon
35 cm2 teaspoons
40 cm3 teaspoons
Bigger pots or troughs1 teaspoon per 5 litres of potting mix

Creating gel:
Pre-hydrate into wet gel by mixing one heaped teaspoon in 750 mL water. Leave for 1 hour before mixing into approx. 5 L of potting mix. The use rate can be increased to two teaspoons per 5 L of potting mix for hanging baskets and other water stress prone plants.
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