Coir Feed & Mulch 30L Brunnings Garden Soil Improver


Will expand to up to 30 litres at Premium Grade Coir Mulch.

  • Improves the structure of soil and saves water
  • Won't fade and lasts for years
  • Ideal for a variety of orchids
  • Creates a snail barrier for your plants

Brunnings coir feed and mulch block is a premium-grade coir mulch containing fertilisers for added growing power.

Coir creates an ideal mulch because it helps plants stay moist in hot weather while keeping the soil temperature higher in colder months. It has a high water-holding capacity so that when it takes in water, it holds around shrubs, plants and on garden beds longer. Since it contains a slow release fertiliser, Brunnings coir feed and mulch will release nutrients to your plants for months.


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