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Broma Grain Rat & Mice Control 2kg Surefire PCT Mouse Bait Pest Poison


Active ingredient: 0.05 g/kg bromadiolone

Broma Grain is a top rodenticide available in market for the control of rats and mice on farms, bulk handling facilities and industrial buildings

The active ingredient is Bromadiolone, a second-generation anti-coagulant developed to overcome the problem to some other rodenticides. 

Ready to use bait for the control of rats and mice.

Active ingredient: 0.05 g/kg bromadiolone

Grain based rodenticide. Highly palatable cracked grain for rats and mice.

Do NOT exceed 3m between bait stations for mice, or 9m for rats.

Do NOT place baits in open.

For use in and around industrial, commercial, agruicultural and domestic situations - apply where pests occur.

Rats - 150g per bait tray.
Mice - 50g per bait tray.

Put measured quantity of bait in suitable containers, ie. bait trays. Protect baits from water where possible. 

Baiting strategy: Eliminate as far as practiciable, all alternative food sources. Bait infested area. Place baits under cover. Inspect baits daily. Replace eaten baits. If eaten quickly increase number of baits. Continue observation and replenishment until no more baits are taken. Baiting for at least 2 weeks is necessary to reduce rat/mouse numbers.


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