Blackberry and Tree Killer 200mL David Grays Triclopyr


Active ingredient: 120g/L Triclopyr

The perfect product for:

Getting rid of tough woody weeds Kills blackberry, eucalyptus, wattle, groundsel bush, Australian blackthorn and other woody weeds.

How to use

To control Blackberry, use a ratio of 100ml to 12 litres of water. Apply from late spring to early autumn when bushes are growing actively. Spray to wet all leaves and stems thoroughly. Regrowth and seedlings should be sprayed after hardening off.

To control Eucalypt/Wattle/Seedlings/Suckers/Woody Weeds up to 5cm basal diameter, use a ratio of 100ml in 1.2 litres of kerosene. Spray or paint stems from ground level to 30cm height wetting thoroughly.

For Stump Spraying, Spray or paint on freshly cut stems of suckers and seedlings more than 5cm in diameter after cutting stems or trunks to within 15cm of the ground.


DO NOT use in windy conditions. Minimise spray drift by using low pressures and nozzles, which do not give a fine droplet.

DO NOT allow spray drift onto desirable vegetation.

DO NOT contaminate water used for gardens and domestic use, or on dams, rivers or streams.

DO NOT burn off, cut or clear blackberry for 6 months after treatment.

Always read safety directions before use.


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