AQUA WETT David Grays 20L Soil Wetting Agent Concentrate Soil Wetter Garden


Biodegradable, will slowly break down in the soil.

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DAVID GRAYS AQUA WETT is a high performance soil wetting agent used to turn soils from hydrophobic (water repelling) into hydrophilic (water-loving). This allows rainfall and irrigation to penetrate to soil and be retained within the soil to be absorbed by the plant.

  • David Grays Aqua Wett makes watering more effective so less watering is required. 
  • Retains water in the root zone and reduces runoff. 
  • Ideal for hot, dry summer conditions. 
  • Can be used in lawns, garden beds, potted plants, and hanging baskets. 
  • One application of David Grays Aqua Wett will last for 12 months.
For lawns, garden beds, golf courses, tennis courts: mix 50mL with 10L of water and apply to 10 m2 (or 50L per hectare)
For hanging baskets and pot plants: saturate the soil with a mixture of 20mL Aqua Wett in 10L of water.
For best results, application should be made during the cool of the day and is NOT recommended to apply fertilisers at the same time as Aqua Wett.

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