Ant Killer 500g Brunnings Fine Powder Puffer Permethrin 1% Dusting Insecticide


Permethrin 1% Dusting Insecticide Ant Killer 500g Brunnings Fine Powder Puffer

Brunnings Ant Killer is a finely ground, ready to use insecticidal dust.  This formulation ensures that the active ingredient is easily and uniformly distributed.  The particles remain on the treated surface, rather than sinking into it.  A treatment therefore stays active longer and is more rapidly picked up by insects.

Product Type Insecticide

Active Ingredient(s) 10g /L permethrin 25:75

Effective against a wide range of pests. For the control of

  • cockroaches
  • silverfish
  • ants
  • fleas
  • carpet beetles
  • bedbugs
  • spiders
  • bird mites
  • hide beetles
  • mushroom sciarid flies
  • european wasps
  • feral honey bee
  • potato moth
  • subterranean termites

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