4.1.1 Lawn Food 20kg Baileys Phosphate Free


Analysis: 18% N, 0% P, 10% K+ 0.3% Fe, 0.3% Mn, 0.3% Mg

A premium grade, phosphate free fertiliser which produces excellent colour.

It contains two sources of nitrogen: nitrate and sulphate of ammonia. The nitrate form of nitrogen is more readily converted in colder months and the sulphate of ammonia form is slightly slower, giving a longer life.


  • Phosphate-free - environmentally responsible product.
  • Contains an excellent range of trace elements.
  • High nitrogen, potassium and calcium content for overall plant health.
  • Two forms of nitrogen facilitate both rapid growth response and longer life. Excellent for year-round results, especially in cooler months as immediately available ammonium nitrate delivers better results.
  • Supplies essential nutrients to our sandy profile where nitrogen and potassium are readily leached.

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